Is Print really dead? Or just changing?

Is print dead? Before joining A2Z Signs this question crossed my mind. Having worked in marketing, digital media definitely came to the forefront over the past few years especially with the struggles of Covid-19. Of course, my mind automatically said no, why would I be joining the printing industry if I believed it was dying? But now that I have worked here for over a month, I wonder why this question even crossed my mind? The print industry is far from dead or even dying. 

But before we start, I know what you’re thinking… this is a blog post, that it’s digital, that you are reading on a phone or a laptop but let’s quickly skip over the irony. Print is everywhere even as you walk down a busy town centre. That shop sign for the new pizza parlour. Print. That person handing out flyers for the fitness class on Tuesdays. Print. Whether it’s large or small format it’s everywhere.

Taking a break from the digital world

I’m sure everyone can admit that the digital world has taken over their life in one way or another. One in five people surveyed admitted they needed a digital detox with 70% of people looking to reduce their overall consumption. Put it in perspective, when we’re inundated with emails, social media ads, digital articles and feeds jam-packed full of instant communication, print offers a valuable alternative.

The way we think about print

According to the latest DMA Direct Mail Response Rate Report, the average response rate for direct mail is around 9%. Compare that with email which comes in at less than 1% and you can see why direct mail a popular marketing channel for businesses looking to grow their brands. And when it comes to brand awareness, 70% of people are more likely to remember a brand that they see in print versus online advertising.

Some interesting stats and facts:

  • Interesting fact, the global printing industry will be estimated to be valued at $834.3 billion by 2026.
  • An approximate growth rate of 2.24% in 2021-2026
  • The UK printing industry utilises around 140,000 employees in about 10,500 companies.
  • 75% of companies employ less than 10 people and account for 20% of industry turnover.
  • Printing goes all the way back to 200AD which is over 2200 years ago. Ever heard of woodblock painting technique? This was used by carving into wood then adding ink to the raised parts and adding paper or fabric places on top.

So… is print really dead? The straight answer is no, and it will probably take a long time before it ever will be.

Written By: Jodie Goodall, Business and Marketing Co-ordinator, A2Z Signs Ltd.

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