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Cover Styl’ smart interior design

This new architectural film range is a great option for a range of uses throughout any building. Whether you want a new look to some worktops in your kitchen or the work office needs a pop of colour, this range of permanent adhesive is the perfect option for all interior design needs.

Durability isn’t an issue, these permanent vinyl’s really are permanent and can last up to 10 years! However, the huge range of different patterns and design are perfect if you like to change things up. Anything is possible, pink kitchen one week, wood effect the next.

Application can be done on:

  • Ceilings
  • Furniture
  • Lobbies
  • Elevators
  • Partitions
  • Walls
  • Much more…

Cover Styl’ is a range of architectural films designed to realistically recreate the look of natural more expensive materials. It incorporates hundreds of patterns, all in stock and available by the metre.

The extensive range has many patterns including wood, solid colours, metallic, glitter, fabric, natural stone and leather patterns for decoration and refurbishment. The flexible films are easy to apply, facilitating a perfect application on any furniture contour or shape.

Here at A2Z Signs, we want to make your lives as easy as possible. This is the main reason we are so excited to be able to offer this product to you. Not only does it look professional, but it is also a great alternative to other much more expensive options.

I know this product almost sounds too good to be true, so contact us today for more information!

One Stop Shop Rigid Signs

Rigid signs are the perfect option for a range of signage needs. From way-finding and directional signs to site hoarding and shop front signs, A2Z Signs offers 4 types of materials. Each having specific qualities so no matter what signage you need, we will have something to suit you.

Aluminium Dibond Signs

Hard wearing and long lasting making it perfect for exterior use.

Dibond comprises of two 0.3 mm thick aluminium cover layers and a polyethylene or mineral core. It is lightweight, extremely rigid and strong, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Commonly used for premium quality outdoor signage and hoardings such as building sites and popular for businesses needing permanent outdoor signage.

Foamex Signs

Great for indoor signage, choose from 3, 5 and 10mm thicknesses.

Foamex (foam PVC) is one of the most versatile rigid signboards. Completely waterproof and with good rigidity and strength, foam PVC is popular for both internal and external signage. It can even be an option for long term applications. It is a competitively priced material making it suitable for all budgets!

Correx Signs

Ideal for temporary, lightweight signage.

Correx is a durable, corrugated plastic. It’s weatherproof material is perfect for builders’ boards, site boards, estate agent’s signs and much more. Correx is one of the most popular materials for temporary signage and can be a great cost effective option if you’re looking to changed your signs often.

Acrylic signs

Available in 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm

Acrylic (also known as perspex) is a great material option for a variety of signage needs. Due to it being completely transparent it is highly customisable including illumination options and any shape or size you want. It is lightweight and easy to install making it popular for indoor and outdoor signage.

For any other signage requirements please call us on 01235 832953 or email

If you are looking for a sign but you’re not sure what you need, feel free to get in touch and we can support you in getting your next sign. However, if you know exactly what you need our new online shop allows you to select product, size, shape, and other details of your required sign. Then simply check out and we will do the rest.

Our Wide Variety Of Vinyl Products

At A2Z Signs our array of products are suitable for a wide range of uses. Depending on what you are looking for we can work to ensure we get the right product for you. Vinyl has proven to be a popular choice amongst our customers.

If you’re looking to promote or enhance a branding, our window graphics are a great option. Or if you need to let customers know about your covid procedures, our floor stickers can help. Even if you’re just looking for a pop of colour in a workspace, our wall vinyl’s are perfect.

Wall Wraps

Display important information, add branding, or personalise your walls.

Our custom wall vinyl’s and wraps are a great way to add a pop of colour to a space. Choose from either high or medium tack vinyl to create a beautiful graphic or sign that will stick to a variety of surfaces.

Floor Vinyls

Slip and scuff resistant

Our Floor Vinyl’s are easy-to-apply on all types of smooth surfaces – even low pile carpet! They stick strong but are still removable. Certified slip resistant, our floor vinyl’s are also chemical and scuff resistant to help protect the quality and visibility of your image.

Window Vinyls

Durable and weather proof

Promote your business, window signage, or next big event with our window vinyls. Choose front or back adhesive vinyls for interior or exterior application. You can also choose a white or clear background.

If you are interested in the above but you’re not sure what you need, feel free to get in touch and we can support you in choosing the best option. However, if you know exactly what you need our new online shop allows you to select product, size, shape and all of the extras. Then simply check out and we will do the rest.

Print Perfect With Posters & Canvases

If you caught our ‘Is Print Dead?‘ blog post, then you’ll know that print is very much still alive. Within this post we focus on posters and what’s great about them. We will also dabble in canvases and wall art too.

Let me put this simply, they are a perfect option especially when you are on a budget. Posters can be used for various occasions whether it is to promote your business, an event or for simply adding a personal touch to a room. Now, some may argue that posters can look cheap which can be true (if you are printing it off a household printer) but when you use quality poster paper you do get a nice finish.

You have probably seen that canvas and acrylic wall art are trending now because they are the perfect option for turning your favourite moment into presents for loved ones or to decorate the home with. All with custom sizing options ensuring you get the picture-perfect prints – AND WE ARE HERE FOR IT!

Poster Idea

Customisable sizes and quality paper

Eye-popping posters on premium coated poster paper for maximum impact and PVC posters for outdoor use.

Canvas Idea

The perfect gift

Wall art prints are perfect for displaying your special pictures. Choose from acrylic or a handmade canvas framed print with wall fixing options for both. 

If would like to know more information on any print products but you’re not sure what you need, feel free to get in touch. At A2Z Signs we can support you in choosing the best option. However, if you know exactly what you need our new online shop allows you to select product, size, shape and all of the extras. Then simply check out and we will do the rest.

Stand Out From The Crowd With Portable Signage

Just as the title says! Stand out from the crowd with portable signage. So, if you’re wanting to stand out at an exhibition or just looking to create more awareness outside your shop for passers-by, portable signs is a great option. Not only are they all easy too assemble but they are portable so you can change the location whenever your ground traffic changes.

At A2Z Signs we are sure you we have the best option for you. With our online service you can purchase all kinds of portable signs at the click of a button. Not only this, our design service can also support you with any design needs you may have before purchasing a product with us. Below describes the different portable sign ideas for you! You’ll thank us later…

Roller Banner

Assembled in minutes, available in different widths.

A roller banner, also known as a roll-up or pull-up banner, is a self-supporting advertising display. Comprising of a wide strip of fabric or other material which is the banner – with content printed on it and a base into which the banner can be rolled up, making it all easy to carry around.

Pop Up Stand

The perfect back drop for your company at events and exhibitions.

Requiring no tools, this easy to assemble exhibition stand solution requires minimal setup time, allowing more freedom to market services and secure sales. Our event stand pop-up banners fold away neatly into a carry case, small enough to comfortably fit into the boot of a car.

Pavement Signs

A great way to advertise your company whilst you work!

At A2Z Signs, our pavement signs come with prints for both sides.

Water Base Signs

Available in A0 and A1, our water base signs are extremely robust and therefore recommended for long term use. The base can be filled with water or sand, the base has built in wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

A Frames

Available in A1 and A2, our A frames are suitable for indoors and outdoors use . They are complete with anti-glare poster covers that are UV stable and filter sunlight to protect poster colours from fading.

Swing Signs

Available in Large and Medium, our swing signs have a durable heavy-duty rubber base. The white vinyl poster material with laminating options mean that they are suitable for outdoor use, even on windy and rainy days.

If you are looking for any of our portable signages but you’re not sure what you need, feel free to get in touch and we can support you in choosing the best option. However, if you know exactly what you need our new online shop allows you to select product, size, shape and all of the extras. Then simply check out and we will do the rest.

Our wide range of products give a great amount of choice when choosing what you need.

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Banners And Signs

Our high-resolution printed banners are a great advertising option. They are portable, waterproof, and customisable.

We offer a wide range of banners and signs and depending on what you need we will have the right option to suit you.

PVC Option

Perfect for event advertising and can be used for outdoor use.

PVC banners provide the perfect signage solution for indoor and outdoor displays. The vinyl media is flexible and completely waterproof. This makes it ideal for short and long-term advertising. PVC banners are suitable for all industries and business types. A fantastic solution for promoting sales, product launches and grand openings. The possibilities are endless!

Mesh Option

A lightweight option, weatherproof and durable.

All PVC banners are strong and durable, but mesh banners consist of tiny perforations to allow wind, sound, and light to pass. Perfect for displaying on railings, scaffoldings, and fences. We use industry standard 440gsm material for all our Mesh banners.

Scaffold Banners

A great way to advertise your company whilst you work!

Printed onto the same material as our popular PVC banners, with the addition of scaffold pole pockets. We double hem and eyelet our scaffold banners ensuring extra durability. We offer single and double sided scaffold banners meaning your company name can be seen far and wide, whilst you work!

Not sure what you need? Feel free to get in touch and we can support you in getting the right banners and signs for you. However, if you know exactly what you need our new online shop allows you to select product, size and extra details and then simply check out and we will do the rest.

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New Website Launch

We are now live with a multi-functional website…

You will be excited to hear that A2Z Signs have moved with the time and have created a multi-functional website available to all our customers. Our new online shop offers a quick and easy service where you can order anything from vinyls and banners to canvases and poster! We have made it so simple that after 5 clicks you will have your new print ordered. This ensures our customers journey is as smooth as possible.

But don’t worry, if you have a larger project and you want to talk to a member of the team about, that personal touch is still available. Or even if you are a new business who needs some help creating artwork our design team are on hand to help.

This is the ultimate all in one print solution that you can access at the click of a button. Start shopping with A2Z Signs today.

Design. Print. Installation.

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Eco Friendly Printing

2022 Changes

Going green is becoming more and more of a factor for customers and business across the print industry. It is definitely a step in the right direction to save the planet while producing beautiful eco-friendly print at the same time.  Did you know that in printing there are 3 main components; Printing Technology, Ink and Print Materials.

By going green in these main areas this will help reduce pollution, waste, and energy consumption during production. Discover more how below.

Go Green – Printing Technology

Eco-efficient printing technologies are on the rise to help consume less energy and resources and produce less waste.

For example, waterless printing is an improvement from traditional methods. It uses a layer of silicon to repel the ink and eliminates hazardous substances, reduces running time and waste which is a huge plus for the environment. It also offers an extensive colour range and better image definition.

Going green is more important now than ever. The faster we can reduce our carbon footprint, the faster our planet will be able to heal. While transitioning to more sustainable business practices take time, eco-friendly printing is an excellent way to start.

Go Green – Ink

Some traditional inks contain harmful compounds and chemicals that are not good for the environment. However, non-polluting options has been found using organic ingredients such as soy or vegetable.

Soy-based alternatives are currently trending which printing companies claim to be great. Did you know it replicates the effects of petroleum-based inks but without the toxic side effects on the environment.

Go Green – Print Materials

Recyclable or 100% biodegradable materials are the best option for the eco-friendly print materials. It is essential that the materials come from sustainable suppliers and use none or very little chemicals while processing. For example, all A2Z Signs acrylic is either environmentally friendly, recyclable or both! Whenever you can “Go Green”

Is Print really dead? Or just changing?

Is print dead? Before joining A2Z Signs this question crossed my mind. Having worked in marketing, digital media definitely came to the forefront over the past few years especially with the struggles of Covid-19. Of course, my mind automatically said no, why would I be joining the printing industry if I believed it was dying? But now that I have worked here for over a month, I wonder why this question even crossed my mind? The print industry is far from dead or even dying. 

But before we start, I know what you’re thinking… this is a blog post, that it’s digital, that you are reading on a phone or a laptop but let’s quickly skip over the irony. Print is everywhere even as you walk down a busy town centre. That shop sign for the new pizza parlour. Print. That person handing out flyers for the fitness class on Tuesdays. Print. Whether it’s large or small format it’s everywhere.

Taking a break from the digital world

I’m sure everyone can admit that the digital world has taken over their life in one way or another. One in five people surveyed admitted they needed a digital detox with 70% of people looking to reduce their overall consumption. Put it in perspective, when we’re inundated with emails, social media ads, digital articles and feeds jam-packed full of instant communication, print offers a valuable alternative.

The way we think about print

According to the latest DMA Direct Mail Response Rate Report, the average response rate for direct mail is around 9%. Compare that with email which comes in at less than 1% and you can see why direct mail a popular marketing channel for businesses looking to grow their brands. And when it comes to brand awareness, 70% of people are more likely to remember a brand that they see in print versus online advertising.

Some interesting stats and facts:

  • Interesting fact, the global printing industry will be estimated to be valued at $834.3 billion by 2026.
  • An approximate growth rate of 2.24% in 2021-2026
  • The UK printing industry utilises around 140,000 employees in about 10,500 companies.
  • 75% of companies employ less than 10 people and account for 20% of industry turnover.
  • Printing goes all the way back to 200AD which is over 2200 years ago. Ever heard of woodblock painting technique? This was used by carving into wood then adding ink to the raised parts and adding paper or fabric places on top.

So… is print really dead? The straight answer is no, and it will probably take a long time before it ever will be.

Written By: Jodie Goodall, Business and Marketing Co-ordinator, A2Z Signs Ltd.

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